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Unformatted text preview: . 2. Loading and unloading procedures. 3. Starting, running, and terminating procedures. 4. A description and example, of any control statements that may be used. 5. All console commands along with errors and console messages that could arise, their meaning, reply and/or operation action. 6. List of error conditions with explanations for their re-entry into the system. 7. List of programs to be executed before and after execution of each program.384 I Foundations of Computing 8. Special checks (if any) and security measures, etc. Documentation Standard The importance of software documentation cannot be over emphasized. There have been too many problems in the past with poorly documented software. The result is usually errors and problems with the software at a later date. It is very difficult to incorporate modifications in such software and hence they are very expensive to maintain. Owing to these reasons several computer organizations have developed strict documentation standards. These standards describe in detail how documentation is to be performed, how to choose meaningful program variable names, how to design the GUI for the software, how and up to what detail to include comments in program code, and what diagrams, charts, reports, outputs, etc. are necessary for documentation to be completed successfully. CHANGEOVER TO THE NEW SYSTEM Once the software is thoroughly tested and all known errors have been removed, the software along with the associated hardware is deployed at site for use by the intended users. At this stage, the old system (manual system in most cases), if any, is phased out and the new system is phased in. Changeover Operations The changeover process normally involves the following operations: 1. Imparting system and user training to the members of the organization in which the new system is deployed. The system training is imparted to those members who will be responsible for managing and maintaining the system. The user training is imparted to those members who will be operating the system and/or using the results produced by the system. Anyone else who will be affected by the new system should also rec...
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