5 they consume much less power than their

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Unformatted text preview: ioning is normally required for the notebook computers, desktop PCs, and workstations. 5. They consume much less power than their predecessors. 6. They are much more reliable and less prone to hardware failures than their predecessors. Hence the maintenance cost is negligible. 7. Many of the large-scale systems of fifth generation have hot-pluggable feature so that a failed component can be replaced with a new one without the need to shutdown the system, allowing the uptime of the system to be very high. 8. They have faster and larger primary memory and secondary storage devices as compared to their predecessors. 9. They are totally general-purpose machines. 10. Their manufacturing does not require manual assembly of individual components into electronic circuits, resulting in reduced human labor and cost involved at assembly stage. Hence commercial production of these systems is easier and cheaper. However, highly sophisticated technology and expensive setup (affordable only by a few organizations in the world) is required for the manufacture of ULSI chips. 11. Use of standard high-level programming languages and parallel programming libraries allows programs written for one computer to be easily ported to and executed on another computer. 12. More user-friendly interfaces with multimedia features make the systems easier to learn and use by anyone including small children. 13. Newer and more powerful applications, including multimedia applications, make the systems more useful in every walk of life. 14. More powerful supercomputers have allowed solving of many new types of complex problems, which were not possible to be solved before. 15. The explosion in the size of the Internet coupled with Internet-based tools and applications have made these systems influence the life of even common men and women. 16. The new operating systems concepts used in building these systems have further enhanced the performance and user-friendliness of these systems as compared to their predecessors. 17. These systems also use the concept of unbundled software and add-on hardware, allowing the use...
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