6 machine and assembly languages are often referred

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Unformatted text preview: atically by the language processor of the 4GL. Fourth-generation language features include limited mathematical capabilities, automatic report formatting, sequencing, and record selection by criteria. A typical fourth-generation language program looks like the one shown in Figure 12.28. The result of the execution of the fourth-generation language program of Figure 12.28 is shown in Figure 12.29. Some commonly known fourth-generation languages are ADR's Ideal, Software AG's Natural 2, Cinmon's Mantis, Mathematica Products Group's RAMIS II, and Information Builders' FOCUS. 1. 2. 3. 4. FILE IS STUDENTSINFO LIST BY ROLLNO: NAME SEX PHY CHEM MATH SELECT CLASS = 8 TITLE: "MARKS OBTAINED BY THE STUDENTS OF CLASS 8" 5. COLUMN HEADINGS: "ROLL, NUMBER"; "STUDENT, NAME"; "SEX"; "MARKS IN, PHYSICS"; "MARKS IN, CHEMISTRY"; "MARKS IN, MATHEMATICS" Figure 12.28. A typical fourth-generation language program. MARKS OBTAIN BY THE STUDENTS OF 8 ED CLASS ROLL STUDEN SEX MARKS MARKS IN MARKS IN T IN NUMBER NAME PHYSICS CHEMISTRY MATHEMATIC S 001 P. K. M 85 • 89 96 Sinha 002 N. C. Rao M 72 76 77 003 S. S. F 86 82 94 Pawar Figure 12.29. Result of the execution of the fourth-generation language program of Figure 12.28 (only few records are shown here just to illustrate the nature of output). Points to Remember 1. A language that is acceptable to a computer system is called a computer language or programming language, and the process of writing instructions in such a language for an already planned program is called programming or coding. 2. All computer languages can be broadly classified into three categories, namely machine language, assembly language and high-level language. 3. A programming language that can be understood by a computer without using a translation program is called the machine language of the computer. It is normally written as strings of binary Is and Os. 4. A language which allows instructions and s...
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