6 material scientists and physicists use

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Unformatted text preview: er. One such process is nuclear fission. As a fissionable material approaches a critical mass, scientists want to know exactly what will happen during every millisecond of a nuclear chain reaction. A supercomputer is used to model the actions and reactions of literally millions of atoms as they react. A typical scientific application like this involves the manipulation of a complex mathematical model, often requiring trillions of operations to resolve, and cannot be processed in a reasonable time without the use of a supercomputer. Some of the well known supercomputing applications (applications that need supercomputers for processing) are as follows: 1. The petroleum industry uses supercomputers to analyze large volumes of seismic data gathered during oil-seeking explorations to identify areas where there is possibility of getting petroleum products inside the earth. This helps in more detailed imaging of underground geological structures so that the expensive resources for drilling oil wells and extraction of petroleum products from them can be more effectively channelized to areas where the analysis results show better possibility of getting petroleum deposits. 2. Aerospace industry uses supercomputers to simulate airflow around an aircraft at different speeds and altitude. The advent of supercomputers has now made it possible to simulate the airflow around any complex shaped object in 3dimensional space. This has significantly enhanced the accuracy of simulation, reducing the design cycle time and cost. This in turn helps in producing an effective aerodynamic design to develop aircrafts with superior performance. 3. Automobile industry uses supercomputers to do crash simulation of the. design of an automobile before it is released for manufacturing. Doing crash simulation of an automobile on computer screen is less expensive, more revealing, and safer than crashing a real model of the automobile. This helps in producing better autonfobile designs, which are safer to ride. 4. Structural mechanics industry uses supercomputers to solve complex structure engineering problems that designers of various types of civil and mechanical structures...
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