61 what is a file name why is it used 62 what are the

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Unformatted text preview: oosely-coupled multiprocessing systems. 34. How is multiprocessing different from multiprogramming? 35. Discuss the advantages and limitations of multiprocessing systems. 36. Can multiprocessing and multiprogramming be part of the same system? Give reasons for your answer. 37. What is time-sharing? What is a time-slice? 38. In a timesharing system, explain how each and every user feels that he/she is the sole user of the computer system. 39. What are the three different states in which all users of a timesharing system fall? Illustrate how a particular user switches from one state to another. 40. Is multiprogramming used in a time-sharing system? Give reasons for your answer. 41. List out some of the hardware and software requirements of a time-sharing system. 42. List out some of the main advantages of time-sharing systems. 43. Why are timesharing systems considered to be most suitable for program development and testing? 44. Multiprogramming and timesharing both involve multiple user processes in the computer concurrently. What is the basic difference between the two concepts? 45. Differentiate among the following terms: (a) Multiprogramming (d) Multithreading (b) Multitasking (e) Timesharing (c) Multiprocessing 46. What is the main objective of the memory management module of an operating system? 47. Differentiate between uniprogramming and multiprogramming memory models. What are their relative advantages and disadvantages? 48. Differentiate between multiprogramming with fixed number of memory partitions and multiprogramming with variable number of memory partitions. 49. What is memory fragmentation problem? Differentiate between internal and external fragmentation of memory. 50. What is internal fragmentation of memory? Illustrate with an example. 51. What is external fragmentation of memory? Illustrate with an example. 52. What is paging? Illustrate paging mechanism with the help of an example. 53. Does paging mechanism suffer from internal fragmentation or exte...
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