63 what is a disk controller list out the typical

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Unformatted text preview: of a disk system having a single recording surface is 300 rpm. It has 80 sectors/track and 512 bytes/sector. What is the transfer rate of this disk system? 54. Explain access time, seek time and latency for disk storage. What is the access time of a disk system whose average seek time is 20 milliseconds and average latency is 7 milliseconds? 55. What is "flying-head?" How does it help in increasing the life of a disk storage? 56. Differentiate between direct and random access storage devices. In which category does a magnetic disk fall? Give reasons for your answer. 57. What is disk formatting? Why is it needed? 58. Differentiate between a formatted and an unformatted disk. How is the formatting of an unformatted disl done? 59. What is a File Allocation Table (FAT) in context of a disk storage? Why is it needed? How is it created? 60. When are two computer systems said to have compatible disk drives? How is this compatibility featun useful? 61. What is a magnetic disk drive? Differentiate between disk drives with interchangeable magnetic disks am disk drives with fixed magnetic disks. 62. List out the relative advantages and limitations of disk drives with interchangeable magnetic disks and dis drives with fixed magnetic disks. 63. What is a disk controller? List out the typical commands supported by a disk controller along with th parameters to be specified with each command. 64. List out the various types of magnetic disks commonly used in today's computer systems. Give some typical uses of each type of magnetic disk. 65. List out the key differences between floppy disks and hard disks. Which one is more durable and why? 66. What is a floppy disk? Describe the basic principles of operation of a floppy disk drive. 67. List out the main differences between a 5!4-inch diskette and a 3 '/2-inch diskette. Which one is more durable and why? 68. How will you write protect a (a) 5'/i-inch diskette (b) 3'/2-inch diskette 69. List out some of the precautionary measures that one should take for the proper usage and handling...
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