64 subprograms are often categorized into two basic

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Unformatted text preview: is object-oriented programming? 43. It is said that the most essential part of support for object-oriented programming is the object mechanism What are the basic concepts used in object-oriented programming languages to support the object mechanism? 44. With reference to object-oriented programming languages define the following terms: (a) Object (e) Message protocol (b) Method (f) Multiple inheritance (c) Class (g) Instance of a class (d) Inheritance 45. Give a suitable example to illustrate the concepts of object, class and inheritance used in object-oriented programming languages. 46. Differentiate between procedure-oriented and object-oriented programming paradigms. 47. List out the advantages of object-oriented programming paradigm over procedure-oriented programming paradigm. 48. What is polymorphism in the context of programming languages? Explain with an example. 49. Since high-level languages are machine independent, one good high-level language should have been sufficient for use on all computer systems. In-spite of this fact, why are there so many high-level languages in use today? 50. Briefly describe the development and use of the following programming languages: (a) FORTRAN (h) Ada (b) COBOL (i) RPG (c) BASIC (j) ALGOL (d) Pascal (k) SNOBOL (e) C (1) LISP (f) C++ (m) PROLOG (g) PL/1 51. What is meant by standardization of a language? Why is it important? 52. What are comment statements? Why are they used in a program? How are they treated by a language processor? 53. Name the four divisions of a COBOL program. What is the purpose of each division? 54. What is a self-documenting language? Illustrate with an example? 55. Why is COBOL often referred to as a self-documenting language? 56. The main drawback of COBOL is that it is a verbose language. How/has this drawback been taken care of now to a large extent? 57. List out some of the program preparation techniques that are often included under the term "structured programming". 58. In Java, the compiled code is machine independent. Explain how is t...
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