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Unformatted text preview: ed in a flowchart. A flowchart that outlines the main segments of a program or that shows less detail is a macro flowchart. On the other hand, a flowchart with more detail is a micro flowchart, or detailed flowchart. For example, let us consider the examination problem that we have already discussed. In all the flowcharts of the examination problem, there is a processing box having the instruction "Add marks of all subjects giving Total. In order to display how the value of Total is computed, a detailed flowchart can be drawn as shown in Figure 11.11. In a similar manner, the I/O boxes for the "Read" and "Write" operations can also be converted to a detailed flowchart. Flowcharting Rules While programmers have a good deal of freedom in creating flowcharts, there are a number of general rules and guidelines recommended by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to help standardize the flowcharting process. Various computer manufacturers and data processing departments usually have simila flowcharting standards. Some of these rules and guidelines are as follows: 1. First chart the main line of logic, then incorporate detail. 2. Maintain a consistent level of detail for a given flowchart. 3. Do not chart every detail or the flowchart will only be a graphic representation, stepby-step, of thi program. A reader who is interested in greater details can refer to the program itself. 4. Words in the flowchart symbols should be common statements and easy to understand. It i recommended to use descriptive titles written in designer's own language rather than in machine oriented language. 5. Be consistent in using names and variables in the flowchart. 6. Go from left to right and top to bottom in constructing flowcharts. 7. Keep the' flowchart as simple as possible. The crossing of flow lines should be avoided as far a practicable. 8. If a new flowcharting page is needed, it is recommended that the flowchart be broken at an input o output point. Moreover properly labeled connectors...
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