72 what is an output device name some of the commonly

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Unformatted text preview: 61. Give some typical applications of voice recognition systems. 62. What is a vision-input system? Give some typical applications of vision-input systems. 63. Explain how a vision-input device recognizes a given object and takes appropriate action. 64. Differentiate between on-line and off-line data entry devices. 65. What is an off-line data entry device? Why is it used? Name three off-line data entry devices. 66. Explain how data entry operation is carried out using a key-to-tape device. 67. Explain how a key-to-tape or a key-to-floppy device is used to verify the correctness of already entered data. (g) Optical Mark Reader (OMR) (h) Optical Character Recognition (OCR) (i) Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) (j) Voice recognition devices (k) Off-line data entry devices (1) Magnetic-Ink Character Recognition (MICR) (h) Key-to-tape data entry device (i) Key-to-floppy data entry device (j) Key-to-disk data entry device (k) Universal Product Code (UPC) (1) Speaker-dependent voice recognition device (m) Speaker-independent voice recognition device 68. Write short notes on: (a) Image scanner (b) Bar-code reader (c) Digitizer (d) Electronic-card reader (e) Smart Cards (f) Vision-input systems 69. Write short notes on: (a) Bit map representation of images (b) Flat-bed scanner (c) Hand-held scanner (d) OCR software (e) OCR fonts (f) Bar codes (g) Magnetic strip cards 70. Write short notes on: (a) Keyboard devices (b) Point-and-draw devices (c) Data scanning devices 71. How are graphs arid pictures fed to a computer? 72. What is an output device? Name some of the commonly used output devices. 73. Differentiate between soft-copy and hard-copy outputs. 74. Name two output devices used for producing soft-copy output and two output devices used for producing hard-copy output. 75. What is a computer terminal? Why is it so called? 76. What is a monitor device? Name the two basic types of monitors used today along with their relative advantages and disadvantages. 77. Explain how a CRT...
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