8 a word processing package with wysiwyg feature can

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Unformatted text preview: anization, etc. Investments Book This feature enables users to maintain a record of their various types of investments or loans such as long-term and short-term deposits in banks, stocks, bonds, housing loan, car loan, life insurance, medical insurance, etc. The software automatically alerts a user prior to the maturity of a term deposit, or prior to the due date of the premium payment for a loan or insurance with an audible alarm or a pop-up message on the display. It also allows users to view or print the summary or details of their investments or liabilities at any instance of time. The software can also be fed with the information of an individual's daily, weekly, or monthly income and expenditure statements which when clubbed with the investments and liabilities information, helps in effective financial planning by the individual. Inventory Book This feature enables users to maintain a record of the goods in their houses along with associated information for each item, such as when was it purchased, from where was it purchased, what is the duration of its warranty period, is it insured or not, etc. In addition to making the list of all available items in a house readily available, this feature also enables the user to find out the details of an item when there is a break down in it or when it is stolen. Points to Remember 1. A word-processing package enables us to create, edit, view, format, store, retrieve and print documents on a computer system. 2. Some of the commonly supported features found in modern word-processing packages are entering text; editing text; formatting page style; formatting text; entering mathematical symbols; displaying documents; saving, retrieving and deleting documents; printing documents; importing text, graphics and images; searching and replacing text string; checking spelling; checking grammar and style; using thesaurus; creating table-of-contents and index; and using mail-merge. 3. A style sheet is a pre-stored page format that can be used while creating a...
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