8 kilobitssec or faster with this kind of connection

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Unformatted text preview: line is used to connect a computer system to the Internet. As the communication line is dedicated, the entire bandwidth of the line is reserved for network traffic between the Internet and the connected computer system. The connected computer system is sometimes called a gateway because it can be used to provide Internet connectivity to other computers via it. Here direct connection means that the connected computer system forms a domain (a final destination) on the Internet, such as stanford.edu or ibm.com, and that it can be used to provide Internet connection to other computers that become part of the same domain. Most large organizations having their own internal computer network (such as colleges, universities, research institutions, etc.) use this method of Internet connectivity. Depending on the type of setup within an organization, individual computers of the organization may or may not have their own Internet address and software tools for communicating with the Internet. In the former case, access to the Internet from an individual computer is direct, meaning that a user of the individual computer can use its own software tools for Internet access and if he/she transfers a file from another computer on the Internet, that file will be downloaded directly to his/her computer's hard disk, where he/she can immediately access it. In the latter case, the user of an individual computer has to use the software tools for Internet access that are on the gateway computer and a file downloaded from the Internet first goes to the gateway computer's hard disk which has to be again transferred to the hard disk of the user's computer. Fees for direct connections are often based on yearly contracts and the cost of such a connection depends on a number of factors, including bandwidth (speed of the leased line), number of users, and the purpose of use (for profit, non-profit, educational, etc.). Because of the significant expenses involved, direct connection method is suitable mainly for large organizations and software companies and is not suitable for individuals willing to connect their own personal computer or workstation to the Internet. Remote Dial...
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