8 machine language programs written for one computer

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Unformatted text preview: s) are also used for intercdnnecting the CPU with I/O devices. 25. The interconnection architecture of a computer system defines how exactly its CPU, memory and I/O devices are connected to each other. The accessing mechanism and the flow of data from one unit to another depends on the interconnection architecture. The three commonly used interconnection architectures are unibus architecture, dual bus architecture and DMA (Direct Memory Access) architecture. Questions 1. No other single component of a computer determines its overall performance as much as the CPU. Discuss. 2. List out the main functions of the CPU in a computer system. 3. What are the two main components of the CPU of a computer system? List out the main functions of each of these components. 4. The control unit acts as a central nervous system for the other components of a computer system. Discuss. 5. Describe the role of the decoder of the control unit of a CPU. 6. What is a microprocessor? 7. What is an instruction set of a computer system? Do computers made by different manufacturers generally have the same or different instruction sets? 8. Machine language programs written for one computer will generally not run on another computer with a different CPU. Explain why? 9. What is meant by a family of CPUs? When do two CPUs belong to the same family? 10. When is a computer said to be upward compatible with another computer? How is this feature useful for the users of these computers? 11. What are registers? Name some of the commonly used registers and briefly describe the function of each. 12. What is meant by the length of a register? What are the commonly used registerlengths in modern computer systems? Why is a larger register length more desirable? 13. List out the main steps involved in the execution of an instruction by the CPU of a computer system. 14. What is meant by the clock speed of a computer system? How does it influence the overall speed of a computer system? 15. How is the clock speed of a computer syst...
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