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Unformatted text preview: he world-wide scope of the Internet makes it perhaps the single most valuable tool for use in many significant ways by both non-profit and commercial organizations. Some of the important current strategic uses of the Internet are listed below: 1. On-line communication. The electronic mail service on the Internet is extensively used today by computer users around the world to communicate with each other. With this facility, the Internet has proved to be a rapid and productive communication tool for millions of users. 2. Software sharing. The Internet provides access to a large number of shareware software development tools and utilities. A few examples of such available shareware tools are compilers, code libraries, mail servers, and operating systems. For example, a set of such shareware tools is available via ftp from the Internet site sunsite.unc.edu. The Free Software Foundation also provides a wealth of GNU software tools on the Internet that can be downloaded free of charge. For more details on the software tools offered by the Free Software Foundation, you can anonymous yip to the Internet site prep.at.mit.edu and look in the directory /pub/GNU. 3. Exchange of views on topics of common interest. The Internet has a number of news groups. Each news group allows a group of users to exchange their views on some topic of common interest. For example, the news group comp.os.os2.advocacy contains candid dialog about the OS/2 operating system. 4. Posting of information of general interest. The Internet is also being extensively used as a large electronic bulletin board on which information of general interest can be posted to bring it to the attention of interested users around the world. Some commonly posted information includes career opportunities, conference and event announcements, and calls for papers for conferences and journals. 5. Product promotion. Several commercial organizations are effectively using the Internet services for promoting their products. These organizations make use of corporate ft...
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