9 what is the difference between a master file and a

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Unformatted text preview: se structure definition is commonly known as database schema. 13. The data manipulation language (DML) includes all the commands that enable the users to enter and manipulate the data. 14. The query language enables users to define their requirements for extracting the desired information from the database in the form of queries. 15. The report generator enables the users of a database to design the layout of a report so that it can be presented in the desired format. 16. A multimedia database is a collection of multimedia data items, such as text, graphics, animation, audio, and video. A multimedia database management system is a set of programs to define, create, store, access manage, and query the multimedia database. 17. Special features needed in a multimedia database management system for handling multimedia data include • Support for multimedia data storage and retrieval • Support for multimedia data types • Support for multimedia data relationships • Support for multimedia data modeling • Support for multimedia data manipulation • Support for multimedia data query and • Support for multimedia user interface 18. The techniques and tools meant for extraction of knowledge from large datasets are the subject of the field called knowledge discovery in databases (KDD). 19. The KDD process typically consists of the following steps: • Data selection • Data preprocessing • Data transformation • Data mining and • Data interpretation/evaluation 20. Data warehousing is the process of creating a repository of integrated data for the purpose of decision support and analysis. A data warehouse is the resulting repository of integrated data. It is a subject-oriented, integrated, time-variant, and non-volatile collection of data in support of management's decision-making process. 21. Data mining is the process of identifying interesting and useful patterns from large databases or data warehouses. It is defined as the nontrivial process of extracting implicit, p...
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