A manual ledger is a book having rows and columns

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Unformatted text preview: s written in the passive voice rather than the active voice (such as "The book was given by Mohan" is in passive voice whereas "Mohan gave the book" is in active voice). Using Thesaurus Some advanced word-processing packages come with an electronic thesaurus. A thesaurus provides a list of synonyms for a word (alternative words with similar meanings). While creating a document, if you feel that a word is being used too often or a word that you have used does not seem to be quite right, you can select the word and take help of the thesaurus for suggesting a list of viable alternatives. As soon as you select a preferred word from the suggested list of words, the original word is automatically replaced with it. Creating Table-of-Contents and Index Some advanced word-processing packages also allow you to create table-ofcontents and index of key words for a large document such as a book, a manual, or a report. With the help of a simple command, you can automatically create for your document a table-of-contents with page numbers for chapters and various levels of headings, much like the one in the front matter of this book. Similarly, with the help of another command you can automatically create for your document an alphabetical index of key words that lists the page numbers for each occurrence of a key word, much like the one in the back matter of this book. Using Mail-Merge Often we need to send a letter to many persons. For example, a letter that is to be sent to all the participants of a workshop/seminar. The mail-merge feature found in some advanced word-processing packages allows you to create a file containing the letter and another file containing the list of names and addresses of the participants and then to merge the indicated name and address fields from the file containing the list into the proper locations in the letter as the letters are printed. Figure 15.8 shows a typical example of how to indicate the name and address fields on the letter to be substituted with actu...
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