A spell checker looks up every word in your document

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Unformatted text preview: the paper (like in this book), whereas in landscape mode the printed lines are parallel to the longer edge of the paper. 4. Previewing a document before printing it. This facility shrinks down the pages of your document so that an entire page or even facing pages can be displayed on the screen at once in almost the same form as it will appear when printed. This is especially useful for seeing how margin and other settings will finally appear in your document without having to print the document first. This avoids wastage of paper. Importing Text, Graphics and Images Most modern word-processing packages permit the integration of text, graphics and images. That is, in addition to entering text, you can also draw illustrative diagrams and graphs to support the textual matter in a document. While working on a document, you can even import text, graphics and images from some other document into your document. This feature often helps in saving tremendous time and effort because the user need not spend time in creating a piece of text, diagram, graph or image that can be easily obtained from somewhere else. In addition to importing, many word-processing packages also have document conversion facility that enables an imported document that was prepared using a different word-processing package, to be converted into a document compatible with the user's word-processing package. Searching and Replacing Text String All modern word-processing packages provide search facility that enables you to quickly search for all occurrences of a specific word, phrase, or groups of characters in a document. For example, you might have used the months November and December at several places in your document. If you want to ensure that the current month name appears at all places in the document, you can use the search facility to enable you to do this quickly. In addition to providing this simple search capability, word-processing packages also support search-and-replace facility. This facility enables you to perform selective or global replacement of a specific word, phrase, or groups of characters with a new set of characters. For example, suppose a document contains the name Pradip at several places. If we r...
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