Arpanet was the first wan and had only four sites in

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Unformatted text preview: ng concepts in the OSI model of network architecture with the functions of each layer. 53. What is meant by internetworking? What are the main issues in internetworking? Explain the difference among the following terms: (a) Bridge (b) Router (c) Gateway 54. What is a wireless computing system? How is it useful? 55. Differentiate between fixed wireless systems and mobile wireless systems. 56. What are the major challenges in the successful use of wireless computing systems? 57. List out some of the applications that can benefit from wireless computing systems. 58. Describe the commonly used wireless communication technologies used in wireless communication systems. 59. Differentiate between 2G and 3G wireless technologies. 60. What is a wireless LAN? Describe the three primary WLAN standards. 61. What is a multihop wireless network? Why are such networks needed? 62. What is Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)? Why is it needed? 63. Describe the various WAP layers, the protocols at each layer, and their functions. 64. Describe the basic architecture of WAP? Explain the role of WAP gateway. 65. What is a distributed computing system? Why are distributed computing systems gaining popularity? 66. List out the advantages and limitations of a distributed computing system. 67. Write short notes on: (a) Data transmission modes (b) Data transmission speed 68. Write short notes on: (a) Microwave system (b) Communications satellite (c) Optical fibers 69. Write short notes on: (a) Network interface card (b) ISDN (c) Value Added Network (VAN) (c) Data transmission media (d) Data transmission services (d) Dial-up line (e) Leased line 70. Write short notes on: (a) Modem (b) Multiplexer (c) Concentrator (d) Front-end processor 71. Write short notes on: (a) FAX modems (b) Intelligent modems (c) Internal versus external modems (d) Transmission speeds of modems 72. Write short notes on: (a) Switching techniques (b) Routing techniques (c) Network topologies (d) 73. (a) (b) (c) 74. (a) (b) (c) 75. (a) (b) (c) (d) 76. (a) (b...
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