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Unformatted text preview: elf Test (POST): A self diagnosis test performed when a computer is first turned on. It tests a computer's memory, its storage and peripheral devices for their proper functioning and connectivity. Predication: A technique, used in EPIC-based processors for improved performance, which reduces the number of branches and branch mispredicts. Preprocessor: A language processor that translates the statements pertaining to the extensions of a standard language into a sequence of statements of the standard language before the program can be successfully compiled by the standard language compiler. Preview: A feature of a word-processing package that permits the users to see what the document will look like (almost, if not exactly) when it is printed. Primary storage: A temporary storage area that is built into the computer hardware and in which instructions and data of a program reside mainly when the program is being executed by the CPU. Printer: An output device used to produce hard-copy output. Privacy filters: Specially designed plastic/glass plates used with monitors to prevent others sitting/standing nearby the monitor from viewing the contents displayed on it. Private line: See leased line. Procedural languages: Programming languages that require the programmer to spell out the steps in processing procedures needed to achieve a desired result. For example, FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC languages. Procedure: A subprogram that performs an action but returns no value. Procedure-oriented programming languages: Programming languages that use procedural abstractions that encapsulate sequences of operations into procedures (also known as functions, subroutines, or subprograms). Process: A program in execution. Also known as a job. Processing: Performing a series of actions or operations on data in order to convert them into useful information. Processor: A unit of a computer system that interprets instructions and executes them. Profiler: A performance monitoring software that helps the user in analyzing the performance of the various hardware components as we...
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