Antivirus utility a computer virus is a piece of code

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Unformatted text preview: disk (which may be a hard disk, floppy disk, or optical disk) is to be used with a system, it must be formatted properly according to the requirements of the associated operating system. The disk formatting utility allows a user to perform this task with great ease. Disk Compaction Utility This utility is useful for those systems that use the method of contiguous allocation of disk blocks to files. We saw that in this method, almost 30% of the disk space may remain unused due to external fragmentation problem after the system has been in continuous use for some time. Disk compaction utility allows a user to perform disk compaction, which moves files to bring all free blocks together. Disk compaction is a time consuming operation and may take several hours. Hence it is usually performed at night when the system is otherwise idle. Data Compression Utility This utility uses a compression algorithm to transform files into a fraction of their normal size so that they occupy less storage space on disk or can be transferred across a network in less time. The utility has an associated decompression algorithm that is used to bring back a compressed file into its normal form and size when accessed by a user. Several modem manufacturers build data-compression techniques into their modems to reduce data-transfer times. Similarly, several disk drives have data-compression techniques built into them to allow more files to be stored in the available disk space. The compression and decompression of data happens automatically that is transparent to the users. The time required to compress and decompress the data is so small that it is not noticeable. Often the amount of space saved by using this technique is significant - it can effectively double the capacity of a disk. Data Backup Utility Data stored in a computer system can be damaged or lost in several ways such as a disk crash, a virus, a hardware malfunction, or simply an accidental erasure by its owner. So it is always suggested to keep backup of important dat...
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