As a result of the research efforts made in this area

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Unformatted text preview: ., English, French, German, etc.) and hence cannot be understood by the computer. Instead of using symbols to describe the logic steps of a program, as in flowcharting, pseudocode uses a structure that resembles computer instructions. When pseudocode is used for program planning, a programmer can concentrate solely on developing the logic of the program without worrying about the syntax for writing the program instructions because pseudocode does not have any syntax rules for formulating instructions. Once the programmer is convinced that the program logic is sound, he/she can easily convert the pseudocode into a suitable programming language that can be run on a computer. Because it emphasizes the design of the program, pseudocode is also called Program Design Language (PDL). Pseudocodes for Basic Logic (Control) Structures During the early days of program development, many programmers developed program logics for large programs with mazes of branches (jumps from one portion of the program to another) that altered the sequence of processing operations. Such programs are now referred to as "spaghetti code" because their program flowcharts appeared more like a plate of spaghetti than like logical analyses of programming problems. Understanding the logic of such programs was very difficult for someone other than the developer and many times even for the developer after a lapse of few months. Hence these programs were very difficult to modify for incorporating suggested enhancements and quickly became nightmares for those responsible for their maintenance. This problem was soon identified as a major research area by computer scientists. They started looking into what factors contributed to unnecessary program complexity and how to develop program logics that are easier to comprehend resulting in easier maintenance of the corresponding programs. As a result of the research efforts made in this area, it was discovered that any program logic, no matter how complex...
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