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Unformatted text preview: , the newsgroup named comp.lang.c contains messages relating to the discussion on C programming language issues. A newsgroup can be created by the system administrator of any computer on the Internet. To make it accessible to other members, he/she then exports the newsgroup to other computers by using a special command meant for this purpose. An Internet user who wants to become a member of a newsgroup has to first subscribe to the newsgroup by using a special command meant for this purpose. An already subscribed user can unsubscribe from a newsgroup at any time. Over the years, many newsgroups have become extremely well organized and moderated and include valuable information. For example, many newsgroups have documents called FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that try to answer many of the questions that someone new to the group would have on the topic. A newsgroup is a great place to ask questions or catch up on the recent issues of the topic it covers because newsgroups often have world experts in their respective fields as their members. INTERNET SEARCH TOOLS The Internet is a vast ocean of information that is of interest to a wide variety of users. Obviously, this large information bank will be of little or no use if one can't easily find something of his/her own interest in it. Therefore, several user-friendly tools have been made available that allow users to successfully navigate the Internet and find useful information for one's own purposes. A few of the most popular of these tools are briefly described below. The process of navigating the Internet to search for useful information is often called Internet surfing. Hence, Internet search tools are also called surfing tools. Gopher Gopher is a text-based tool that provides hierarchical collections of information of all sorts across the Internet. It displays the information hierarchy as a series of menu items. That is, when using gopher, each menu item connects to another menu that branches off to yet another...
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