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Unformatted text preview: ealize later that this is the wrong spelling of the name and it should be Pradeep instead of Pradip, we can use the search-andreplace facility to change all occurrences of Pradip to Pradeep in the document. Checking Spelling Most modern word-processing packages come with an electronic dictionary and a spell checker to allow you to ensure that your document does not contain any misspelled word. A spell checker looks up every word in your document against the pre-stored -words in the electronic dictionary and alerts you if no match is found for a particular word in the dictionary. In such a situation, the spell checker highlights the word and waits for you action. You may choose to do either of the following: 1. You can correct the spelling. 2. If you do not know the correct spelling, you can ask the spell checker to give you a list of words with similar spelling and choose the correct word from the list. 3. If the word is spelled correctly but has been highlighted simply because it is not present in the electronic dictionary (for example, names of people and companies, abbreviations, acronyms, etc.), you can instruct the spell checker to ignore the word, or to add it to the dictionary. Unfortunately, spell checkers are not yet smart enough to check for the improper use of correctly spelled words. For example, it will not flag "form" when the word should be "from". Checking Grammar and Style Similar to a spell checker, some advanced word processing packages come with a grammar checker that enables you to correct grammatical mistakes and use of improper writing styles in your document. Some of the typical features found in a grammar checker are: 1. It highlights the use of double words (such as for for). 2. It highlights phrases with redundant words (such as very highest). 3. It highlights the misuse of capital letters (such as PraDeep or PradeeP). 4. It highlights text having subject and verb mismatches (such as she were). 5. It highlights punctuation errors (such as , .). 6. It highlights sentence...
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