As the name implies decision tables reveal what

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Unformatted text preview: wcharts are very time consuming and laborious to draw with proper symbols and spacing especially for large complex programs. In this chapter, you have seen examples of small program flowcharts developed for relatively small programs. You can very well imagine how difficult would be to develop a detailed program flowchart for a program containing over 50,000 statements. 2. Owing to the symbol-string nature of flowcharting, any changes or modifications in the program logi will usually require a completely new flowchart. Redrawing a flowchart being a tedious task, man programmers do not redraw or modify the corresponding flowchart when they modify their program: This leaves the program and its flowchart in an inconsistent state. That is, the logic used in the program and that shown in its flowchart do not match. This defeats the purpose of use of flowchart as documentation support for programs. To take care of this problem, many companies use software tools that automatically generate flowcharts directly from the program code. These software tools read the program's instructions and draw a flowchart of its logic. That is, this is a backward approach in which flowcharts are designed from program codes mainly for documentation purpose. 3. There are no standards determining the amount of detail that should be included in a flowchart. Because of such limitations, many organizations are now reducing the amount of flowcharting used. In its place, they are using alternative tools for program analysis, two of which are briefly discussed below. DECISION TABLES What is a Decision Table? Decision tables are used to define clearly and concisely the word statement of a problem in a tabular form. The can prove to be a powerful tool for defining complex program logic. As the name implies, decision tables reveal what decisions or actions the computer is to take as a result of the input data. When the computer has to make large number of decisions or if there are a large number of different branches within a pr...
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