At the undergraduate level where an introductory

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Unformatted text preview: ll. • At the undergraduate level, where an introductory course on computers is included as a part of the curriculum, this book can be used as a textbook. • The book can also serve as a good course material for participants of short-term courses conducted by various training organizations. • As the book explains the computer jargons in a simple language, it can also be used by various types of computer users as a self-study material for obtaining a basic understanding of the various hardware and software components of computers. • The coverage of many advanced topics and current state of the art in computing makes the book very useful and informative for programmers and other computer professionals as well. In short, this book is for everyone who is either excited about computers or interested in knowing about computers. Knowledge of computers is not prerequisite to follow the contents of the book. It assumes no background in computers or computer programming. Overview The layout and organization of the book and its content are designed to present the fundamental concepts of computers in an interesting, logical, and informative manner. The book does not concentrate on any particular computer system or hardware. Instead, it discusses, in a general setting, the organization, functions, and usage principles that are applicable to all types of modern computer systems. Starting with an introductory chapter, the book goes on to cover all facets of computers. It uses the simple-to-complex and easy-to-learn approach throughout. Special attention has been paid to remove unwanted details and to make the material comprehensive, concise and practical. Simple and plain English has been used throughout. All the concepts presented in the book are illustrated with suitable examples as and when required. The book also contains numerous diagrams for better illustration. These features will enable the readers to grasp the presented concepts easily and to use the book effectively f...
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