Bar codes representation of alphanumeric data by a

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Unformatted text preview: uipped with a modem can transfer data over analog cellular telephone networks. Analog computer: A computer that operates on data, which is in the form of continuously variable physical quantities such as electrical current. Anonymous ftp site: On the Internet, a computer that allows a user to log in with a username of anonymous and then a password that is the user's e-mail address. Antivirus utility: A program used to cure a computer from virus infection. Application programmer: A programmer who prepares application software. Application software: A set of one or more programs designed to solve a specific problem or do a specific task such as pay calculation, processing of examination results, stores accounting and inventory control, etc. Archie: A keyword-based Internet search tool that allows files, stored at anonymous sites of the Internet, to be searched either by their names or by their contents. Architecture: The organization and interconnection of the various components of a computer system. Archiving: The process of storing old data files on separate disks or tapes to make room for new files on the hard disk of a computer. Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU): The unit of a computing system, which performs all mathematical and logical operations. It is one of the components of the central processing unit (CPU) of the computer. Artificial intelligence: A branch of computer science that deals with computers that possess reasoning, learning, and thinking capabilities that resemble those of human beings. Assembler: A computer program which translates an assembly language program to its machine language equivalent. Assembly language: A programming language, which allows instructions and storage locations to be represented by letters and symbols instead of numbers. Also known as symbolic language. Assembly program: A program written in an assembly language. Also known as symbolic program. Asynchronous communication: Data transmission mode in which the sender can send data at any convenient time and the receiver will accept it. Automated tape library: A mass storage device, which uses a set of magnetic tapes and tape drives wit...
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