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Unformatted text preview: e. OTHER RELATED CONCEPTS Intranet Most organizations often require their employees to have easy and quick access to department, corporate, and customer information. To address this requirement, they need more dynamic ways to link people and information than conventional means of communication. Several organizations haye started using Intranets to fulfill this requirement. An Intranet is a network that connects the computers and networks within an organization by using the hardware and software that is used on the Internet. Typically, it uses the TCP/IP protocols and server and browser software used for the Internet. With an Intranet, the basic services of the Internet (electronic mail, file transfer protocol, telnet and usenet news) becomes available to the employees and business partners of the organization. This allows the employees and business partners of the organization to communicate effectively and quickly by using electronic mail facility, and to share information, software and other computing resources by using the other facilities. The various departments of the organization can put the information on their web pages on to the Intranet, and all interested parties can access the information, read it, and download it without wasting the paper to copy it, or the time to make and circulate the copies. Similarly, employees of the various offices of the organization located across the world can form a newsgroup to brainstorm or exchange ideas collectively on topics of common interest. An Intranet being confined to the computers and networks of an organization, the information on the Intranet is confined to the employees and business partners of the organization. This is a great security advantage of Intranets. Furthermore, since an Intranet uses the same software as the Internet, which most computer users are already familiar with, the users of the Intranet do not require any additional training. Owing to all these features, the usage of Intranets is growing rapidly to more and more organizations. Proxy Server An organization's network interconnects all the computers of the organization. If all these computers are directly connected to the Internet, maintaining security becomes difficult for the...
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