By reducing the volume of the data to be transmitted

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Unformatted text preview: nnection for communication, they try to establish which protocols they share, and then they use the fastest rate that both modems have. That is, if two computers, one with 9600 bps modem and the other one with 14400 bps modem, try to communicate, the data would be transferred between the two computers at 9600 bps. Hence, a fast modem just provides you the option to communicate faster when you can. 2. Internal versus external. Modems are of two kinds, internal and external. An internal modem is an optional add-on circuit board that plugs into one of the computer's expansion slots. It gets its power from the computer's expansion bus. It is manufactured and supplied by the computer manufacturer itself. An external modem, on the other hand, is a separate box that contains the circuitry and logic to modulate data signals. It has its own power supply, on/off switch, and front-panel LCDs to indicate its status. For this reason, external modems are slightly more expensive. An external modem is connected to the computer via a serial port. Both the internal as well as external modems connect to the telephone system with a standard telephone jack. However, each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Internal modems are slightly faster and do not have external wires and power cords hanging around. However, as they plug into one of the computer's expansion slots, this may be a problem if free slots are scarce. External modems are slightly costlier and have external wires and power cords. They also need one of the built-in serial ports of the computer, which may be a problem if there are few other devices that also require a serial port for connectivity. However, external modems have the flexibility of being switched off independent of the computer, and if there is any problem with the modem hardware/software, the computer need not be sent for repair and maintenance (only the modem can be sent) 3. Facsimile facility. Some modems, known as FAX modems, are capable of emulating a FAX machine in add...
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