C programming language object oriented design and

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Unformatted text preview: g operating systems; concurrent programming languages; UNIX operating system; C programming language; Object-oriented design and programming; PC-based applications; network-based applications; supercomputing applications Small, affordable, reliable, easy to use PCs; more pow and reliable mainframe sy and supercomputers; totally g purpose machines; easie produce commercially; eas upgrade; rapid so development possible Generation Key hardware technologies (Period) Fifth (1989- ICs with ULSI technology; Present) larger capacity main memory; larger capacity hard disks with RAID support; optical disks as portable read-only storage media; notebook computers; powerful desktop PCs and workstations; powerful servers; very powerful supercomputers; internet; cluster computing Key software technologies Key characteristics Microkernal-based Portable computers; operating systems; powerful, cheaper, reliable, multithreading operating easier to use des systems; distributed machines; very pow operating systems; supercomputers; very high up parallel programming due to hot-pluggable compon libraries like MPI & PVM; totally general purpose mach JAVA; World Wide Web; easier to produce commerc multimedia applications; easier to upgrade; rapid soft internet-based development possible applications; more complex S supercomputing applications Points to Remember 1. A computer is normally considered to be a calculative device that can perform arithmetic operations at enormous speed. More accurately, it is defined as a device that operates upon data. It is also known as a data processor since it not only computes in the usual sense but also performs other functions with the data. 2. The activity of processing data using a computer is called data processing. Data is the raw material used as input to data processing, and information is the processed data obtained as the output of data processing. Thus, information is data afrangedln an order and form that is useful to the people who receive it. 3. Computers are characterized by their being automatic, speed and accuracy of computing, diligen...
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