Case tools however are not the answer for every

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Unformatted text preview: , design, and components of the system, the programmer can invoke a code generator, which creates the source code for the program automatically. Note that this automatic creation of programs by the system leads to error-free program codes. 3. Testing and debugging tools help programmers in testing and debugging of their programs a already described before in this chapter. 4. Source-code analysis tools help in optimizing a program by pointing out unreachable lines of cod and functions that are never called. They also assist in carrying out program changes consistently and uniformally by indicating what other parts of the program would be affected by introducing a change in the program. 5. Documentation tools assist in automatic generation of technical documents for software systems For example, automatic flowchart generation tools can create flowcharts for already written programs Similarly, as a programmer uses a design specification tool to design the screens, menus, reports dialog boxes, and other key components of a program, the documentation tool collects this information for automatically producing the system's documentation. With good CASE tools, much of the tedious detail work of designing and writing a program and writing documents for it can be drastically reduced. Hence CASE tools can save several hours of time to get a new program up and running, allowing the programmer to concentrate on the important functional parts of a program, rather than spending time writing the code to display screens, dialog boxes, and menus. CASE tools, however, are not the answer for every situation, and even in systems that make extensive use of CASE tools during their production, some hand coding and manual documentation is usually necessary. FIRMWARE Computer software in conventional systems is supplied on storage media like CDs, floppies, tapes, disks, etc. However, with the advancement in technology and the reduction in hardware cost, today software is also being made available by many compute...
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