Case tools provide a wide range of features for

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Unformatted text preview: ring. Abstraction helps in easy reusability of existing modules because for reusing a module only its interface needs to be understood and not its internal details. Uniformity Software systems should maintain uniformity in design, coding, documentation, etc. Uniformity ensure; consistency, which makes the software product easier to develop and maintain as well as easier to learn and use For example, if all the graphical user interfaces of a software product follow a uniform style (providing the same look-and-feel throughout), it becomes much easier for a user to learn and use the software. Similarly, if uniform coding and documentation styles are followed by all the programmers working on the various modules of software project, it becomes much easier for someone else to understand and maintain the modules. Several software engineering standards, such as design standards, coding standards, documentation standards, etc. have been introduced to take care of this aspect of software engineering. CASE Tools Proper software tools should be used in the various phases of a software product's life cycle. As in other fields of engineering, software tools play an important role in software engineering. They help in increasing professional capability and eliminate or reduce sources of error in software products. Over the years, a large number o software tools have been made available to aid the software developers. In fact, the popularity of these tools resulted in the creation of a new area called CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering). CASE tools provide a wide range of features for creation of better and more reliable software products within less time and with less effort. A few of the most common features are: 1. Design specification tools allow programmers to visually design screens, menus, database tables reports, dialog boxes, and other key components of a program. With the individual component defined, the programmer can link the components together and then test the operation of the program without writing even a single line of program code. 2. Code generation tools generate source code (programs) from the design specification of a system. That is, once satisfied with the structure...
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