Cd rom jukebox a mass storage device which uses a set

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Unformatted text preview: ords together to form a block of data is known as blocking and the number of records put together in each block is called blocking factor. Boolean algebra: An algebra that deals with logical propositions, which are either true or false. This algebra is suitable for use with binary number system and is very useful in designing logic circuits used by the processors of computer systems. Boolean function: A mathematical function in Boolean algebra. For example, w = x + y • z. Boolean variable: A variable used in Boolean algebra. It can assume a value true or false. Booting: The process of automatic loading of the operating system to primary storage and readying a computer system for use. Branch instruction: An instruction that transfers program control to a nonconsecutive instruction. Bridge: An internetworking tool that is used to connect networks that use the same communication protocols above the data-link layer but may or may not use the same protocols at the physical and data-link layers. Broadband channel: Communication channels that are capable of data transfer rates of 1 million baud (bits/second) or more. They are used to handle high volumes of data and for high-speed computer-to-computer communication or for simultaneous transmission of data to several different devices. Browser: A software tool that provides several navigation facilities to help users do Internet surfing easily and effectively. Buffer: A small storage area used to store information on a temporary basis for compensating the difference in rates of flow of data between various computer devices. For example, when data flows from an I/O device to the CPU, it passes through a buffer. Bug: An error in a computer program. Built-in-functions: Subprograms which are provided with the language so that the programmer need only call them in a program to have them automatically invoked. Also known as intrinsic subprograms. Bulletin Board System (BBS): The electronic counterpart of a wall-mounted bulletin board that allows users of a computer network to exchange information (by posting or reading message...
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