Client server computing involves splitting an

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Unformatted text preview: DRDO), Hyderabad. Because computer technology changes so quickly, the advanced capabilities of a supercomputer today may become the standard features next year, and next year's supercomputer will be vastly more powerful than today's. Supercomputers can typically cost from few tens of lakhs to few tens of crores of rupees depending on their processing capability and configuration. CLIENTS AND SERVERS This is a purely role-based classification of computer systems. With the increased popularity of computer networks, it has become possible to interconnect several computers together which can communicate and interact with each other over the network. In such a computing environment, there are several resources/services, which can be shared among multiple users for cost-effective usage and can be best managed/offered centrally. A few examples of such resources/services are: 1. File server. A file server provides a central storage facility to store files of several users on the network. 2. Database server. A database server manages a centralized database and enables several users on 1 network to have shared access to the same database. 3. Print server. A print server manages one or more printers and accepts and processes print requests from any user in the network. 4. Name server. A name server translates names into network addresses enabling different computers on the network to communicate with each other. In these cases, it is usual to have one process that "owns" the resource or service and is in charge of managing it. This process accepts requests from other processes to use the resource or service. The process that owns the resource and does this management is called a server process and the computer on which the server process runs is called a server computer because it services requests for use of the resource. Other processes, which send service requests to the server, are called client processes and the computers on which the client processes run are called client computers. Note that there may be multiple clien...
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