Cybernatics the use of computers coupled with

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Unformatted text preview: of pictures (line drawings and images) with the aid of a computer. Computer literacy: Having sufficient computer knowledge so that an individual can work and live in a computerized society. Computer network: A distributed data processing system in which multiple computers are linked together for the purpose of data communication and resource sharing. Computer Output Microfilm (COM): An output device that records computer output on a sheet or roll of microfilm as microscopic filmed images. It uses a microfilm recorder for recording output information on a microfiche, and a microfilm reader to view the information recorded on a microfiche. Computer Supported Cooperative Working (CSCW): An application in which multiple members working on a single project and located at distant locations cooperate with each other using a network of computers. Computer system: The various components (input and output devices, storage, CPU) of a computer integrated together to perform the steps called for in the program being executed. Computer video: The area of computer science, which deals with the recording and display of a sequence of images at a reasonable speed to create an impression of movement. Computer-Based Training (CBT): Using computer technologies for training and education. The use of computers helps in making tutoring programs which are tailored to the student's level of subject mastery and can provide immediate feedback. Conference on Data SYstems Languages (CODASYL): A committee of computer users, manufacturers, and the United States government that helps to establish programming standards for various programming languages. Console In a mainframe system, the terminal that is directly connected to the host (main) computer and is mainly used by the system administrators to monitor the health of the system or to perform some system administration activities. Constant: A value, written into a program instruction that does not change during the execution of the program. Control pr...
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