Data compression we saw that multimedia data are

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Unformatted text preview: nchronously. Each participant works on a part of the document and the final document is the combination of all individual parts. Multimedia Conferencing Multimedia conferencing, also known as video conferencing, refers to a system that simulates face-to-face interactions among participating users located far from each other as if they were sitting and discussing in a single room. In this system, each participating user has a PC (or a workstation) on his/her working desk, which has a video camera and mike attached to it. The PCs of all these users are interconnected together through a high-speed network. The network is used to transmit audio, video and other data from one participant's PC to the PCs of other participants. A user willing to communicate with other users, talks in front of his/her PC. The audio-visual equipment attached to his/her PC capture the information that is then transmitted to the PCs of other users. The coordination support software coordinates the proceeds of the conference and resolves any conflicts when multiple users want to communicate simultaneously. Science and Engineering The area of science and engineering has been benefiting from the use of computers ever since the early days of computers. With the advent of multimedia, several new applications of computers emerged in this area. Today computers are playing an ever-increasing role in the area of science and engineering. Few examples of use of multimedia in science and engineering are given below. Computer Aided Design (CAD) CAD is an important application of generative graphics. Nowadays CAD packages are available for designing almost anything - cars, aircrafts, ships, buildings, printed circuit boards, etc. In fact, knowledge of CAD is now required for many engineering design jobs because an engineer or architect designing a product can be far more productive with a computer than with pencil and paper. Use of a CAD system in designing an object, allows the designer to create an electronic model by describing all three dimensions of the object...
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