Data entry may be carried out in either offline or

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Unformatted text preview: computer with a vision-input device consists of a digital camera and follows the following steps to recognize a given object: 1. The digital camera is focused on the input object to take a picture of the object. 2. The digital camera creates an image of the object in digital form (in 1s and 0s) so that it can be stored and interpreted by the computer. 3. The digitized image of the object is matched against similarly formed pre-stored images in the computer's image database. 4. Depending on whether a match is found or not, the system takes the appropriate action. Vision-input devices are mainly used today in factories for designing industrial robots that are used for quality-control and assembly processes. For example, a robot used for quality-control may inspect objects and separate those, which do not meet certain qualitycontrol specifications. Another robot may be used to separate objects of different shapes in different bins. Still another robot may be used to recognize, grasp, insert, and align the various components needed to assemble some product. A simple example of a visioninput system is shown in Figure 9.18. This system separates round and square shaped objects passing on a conveyor belt in their respective bins and also separates defective objects in a reject bin. Off-line Data Entry Devices Data entry is the process of transforming input data into a form the computer system can store and interpret. Data entry may be carried out in either offline or online manner. Online data entry involves input devices, which are connected directly to the computer. On the other hand, offline data entry involves devices through which data is recorded on some media (such as floppies or tapes) and then entered into the computer later. Since data entry is done by data entry operators and the speed with which a human being can enter data is very less as compared to the data processing speed of a computer, so when data entry, is done offline, it saves the precious computer tim...
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