Database software has been discussed in greater

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Unformatted text preview: n be best illustrated with an example. For example, a school's student database might contain the name, sex, date of birth, current address, permanent address, parent's occupation, marks scored in various subjects in each class already passed, and current occupation for all the students who are either currently enrolled or have already graduated from the school. Similarly, an individual's address database might contain the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all his/her friends and business contacts. The data of one student in the student database or one person in the address database is known as a record. A database software is a set of one or more programs that enables users to create a database, maintain it (add, delete and update its records), organize its data in desired fashion (for example, sort its records alphabetically name-wise), and to selectively retrieve useful information from it (for example, get the telephone number of the person named Kashyap Rana from the address database, or get the names of all currently enrolled students from the student database whose birthdays fall today). Database software is widely used today by both large and small organizations to maintain employee data, customer data, assets data, accounting data, etc. Even individuals find the database software very useful for maintaining data such as list of addresses and telephone numbers of their friends and relatives, list of household goods and other valuables, list of various types of savings in different banks, etc. Database software has been discussed in greater detail in Chapter 16. Graphics Software A graphics software enables us to use a computer system for creating, editing, viewing, storing, retrieving and printing designs, drawings, pictures, graphs and anything else that can be drawn in the traditional manner. Personal Assistance Software A personal assistance software allows us to use personal computers for storing and retrieving our personal information, and planning and managing our schedules, c...
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