Differentiate between a breakpoint and a watchpoint

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Unformatted text preview: e cycle of a software. The three commonly used forms of documentation for documenting a software are program comments, system manual and user manual. 10. Once the software is thoroughly tested and all known errors have been removed, the software along with the associated hardware is deployed at site for use by the intended users. At this stage, a changeover from the old system to the new system takes place. The three normally followed methods to carry out the changeover process are immediate changeover, parallel run and phased conversion. Figure 13.2 illustrates the three methods. 11. System evaluation is the process of evaluating a system (after it is put in operation) to verify whether or not it is meeting its objectives. The points normally considered for evaluating a system are performance evaluation, cost analysis, time analysis, user satisfaction, ease of modification and failure rate. 12. System maintenance is the process of incorporating changes in an existing system to enhance, update or upgrade its features. On an average, the maintenance cost of a computerized system is two to four times more than the initial development cost. Questions 1. What are the two types of errors that can occur in a computer program? Give an example of each to illustrate their nature. 2. Differentiate between syntax errors and logic errors in computer programs. 3. Will a program run if there are syntax errors in it? Give reasons for your answer. 4. Will a program run if there are logic errors in it? Give reasons for your answer. 5. What is testing of a program? Why should a program be tested? 6. What are the different types of test data that should be selected for testing a program? 7. Why is it not possible for a very complex software system to certify that it is error free? 8. What is a beta version of a commercial software? What is beta testing? 9. How are syntax errors detected and corrected? 10. How are logic errors detected and corrected? 11. Is it easier to detect a syntax error o...
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