Differentiate between impact and non impact printers

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Unformatted text preview: monitor displays an output. 78. Why do CRT screens need to be refreshed? 79. Why is the electron beam turned off during horizontal and vertical traces? 80. Why do characters and images displayed by a monitor have to be represented as a pattern of dots? 81. Explain the meaning of the following terms with respect to a CRT monitor: (a) Scan line (e) Interlaced scan (b) Horizontal trace (f) Resolution (c) Vertical trace (g) Refresh rate (d) Progressive scan 82. Differentiate between progressive scan and interlaced scan monitors. Which type of monitor has better quality and why? 83. Differentiate between an alphanumeric display terminal and a graphic display terminal. 84. Explain how a color monitor displays color images. 85. Differentiate among CGA, EGA, VGA and super VGA standards for color monitors; 86. List the following in order of increasing resolution: VGA, CGA, EGA and Super VGA. 87. What is a video RAM? What factors normally decide its capacity? 88. A monitor has a resolution of 800x600. It supports 256 different colors. Calculate the video RAM capacity (in bytes) required by this monitor. 89. What is a flat panel monitor? Where is it commonly used? 90. Explain how LCD monitors display images. 91. List out the relative advantages and limitations of a CRT monitor and a flat-panel monitor. 92. Write short notes on: (a) CRT monitor (b) Video card (c) Video RAM (d) Color monitors (e) Flat-panel monitor (f) Attributes of CRT monitors 93. What is a printer? What are the commonly used types of printers? 94. Differentiate between impact and non-impact printers. Give their relative advantages and disadvantages. Name few printers of both types. 95. What are the units used for measuring printer speed. Also specify which unit is used for what type of printer. 96. What is the unit for measuring printer output quality? According to this feature, what are the common classifications of printers? 97. Can a printer simultaneously support multiple scripts? If no, why? If yes, name few types of printers with this capability. 98. E...
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