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Unformatted text preview: tting, and paste-up functions, and to produce high-quality, camera-ready printed pages of the documents so prepared on a high-quality printer. Development phase: A phase in the life-cycle of a software system during which a system is constructed to meet the requirements specified in the design phase. Device controller: An interface unit between an I/O device and the system bus of a computer system. On one side, it knows how to communicate with the I/O device connected to it, and on the other side, it knows how to communicate with the computer's CPU and memory through the system bus. Diagnostic routines: Programs used to print error messages by a computer to indicate system problems and improper program instructions. Dial-up line: A data transmission service that operates in a manner similar to a telephone call. Also known as switched line. Digital cellular: A wifeless communication technology in which computing equipment can transfer digital data over digital cellular telephone networks without the need for a modem. Digital computer: A computer that works with discrete quantities. It uses numbers to simulate real-time processes. Compare with analog computer. Digital library: A repository of large information in digital form. Such a library (being virtual in nature because it stores reading material only in soft-copy form) can remain open round the clock allowing users to access information from it at their own convenient time and location (from remote locations over the network). Digital Versatile Disk (DVD): A standard format for the distribution and interchange of digital content in both computer-based and consumer electronic products. The format is designed to store various types of large multimedia data on a new and improved version of the CD which works on optical disk technology. Digitizer: An input device used for converting (digitizing) pictures, maps and drawings into digital form for storage in computers. This enables re-creation of the drawing from the stored information whenever required as well as easy incorporation of changes in the drawing as and when required. D...
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