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Unformatted text preview: separately charge for every request for change. Developing Customized Software If none of the available pre-written software packages can meet the specific requirements of an organization and if the organization has an in-house software development team, the organization may very well choose to get; customized software package developed inhouse to satisfy the specific requirements. The following steps ar typically followed for the in-house development of a software package: 1. A project team is first constituted to carry out the development activity. 2. The team studies the requirements carefully and plans the functional modules for the software. 3. It then analyzes which of the functional modules need to be developed and which of the functional modules' requirements can be met with an existing pre-written software. 4. For the functional modules that need to be developed, the team next plans their programs and does the coding, testing, debugging and*documentation for the planned programs. 5. All the modules are then tested in an integrated manner. 6. The software is then implemented, used and maintained. The following are the advantages and limitations of developing a customized software package in-house rather than getting it developed by an outside party: 1. It is easier to carry out changes in the software if it is developed in-house. 2. Developing software in-house means a major commitment of time, money and resources because an in-house software development team needs to be maintained and managed. Downloading Public-domain Software A public-domain software is a software that is available for free or for a very nominal charge from the bulletin boards or user-group libraries on the Internet. Creators of these software obtain distribution for their products by supplying free copies to bulletin boards and user-group libraries. Their basic idea behind this is to popularize their software to as many users as possible. Users are encouraged to copy these software and try them out. The softwa...
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