Due to the parallel search feature it returns the

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Unformatted text preview: rarchical subject categories, instead of listing them in an order by how relevant the search engine thinks the site is to the search. 3. Subject Guide Search Engines. These search engines contain links of many important resources on a topic. They differ from subject directories search engines in the sense that their search request interface has forms that contain databases of sites on many subjects, organized into a subject classification scheme. 4. Meta Search Engines. These search engines do not create their own databases but make use of the databases of other search engines. They quickly process the user's search request by invoking several individual search engines at once and return the results compiled into a convenient format. Some Popular Internet Search Engines Today, there are more than two dozen major search engines available on the WWW. Some of the popular ones are as follows: 1. HotBot (www.hotbot.com) provides extensive search options through the use of query operators and forms. It allows the use of query operators in combination with forms, which many other search engines do not allow. In addition to the options found on the basic search form, it has an advanced search form.that provides more precise filters, additional specifiers, and limiters. 2. Yahoo (www.yahoo.com) supports a query syntax that allows inclusion/exclusion, phrase matching, wildcard matching, and title and URL limiters. Like other search engines, Yahoo provides form-based searching on its search options page, which also allows customization of the results display, and date ranges. 3. Lycos (www.lycos.com) provides a good option of both basic and advanced search features. Its basic search form has a drop-down menu that allows boolean and phrase searching, natural language queries, and basic adjacency and proximity searches. On the other hand, it has advanced search options, which allows the user to limit results to sound or picture files, or pages offered as a part of the Lycos services. These limiters may also i...
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