Due to this java is considered to be a clean object

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Unformatted text preview: guage ii incremented to its next level with C++. C++ contains all the elements of the basic C language but has been expanded to include numerous object-oriented programming features. The most essential part of support for object-oriented programming is the class/object mechanism, which is the central feature of C++. C++ provides a collection of predefined classes, along with the capability of user-defined classes. C++ being a superset of C is an extremely powerful and efficient language. But C++ is also more difficult learn than C because learning C++ means learning everything about C, and then learning object-oriented design and its implementation with C++. Over the years, C++ has become a very popular language. It is said that in a few more years C++ may replace because more and more C programmers are migrating to C++ every year. Another factor in favor of the future popularity of C++ is that it is almost completely downward compatible with C (meaning that C programs can be, for the most part, compiled as C++ programs), and in most implementations it is possible to link C++ code with code. Java Java is a language primarily used for Internet-based applications. Its development started at Sun Microsystems 1991 by a team led by James Gosling. The language was formally announced in May 1995, and its j commercial release was made in early 1996. The main objective of the developers of Java was to design a language with the following features: 1. The compiled code should be machine-independent (recall that the compiled code of other high-level languages is machine dependent). 2. The developed programs should be simple to implement and use even in consumer electronics products like TV set-top boxes, hand-held devices, telephones, and VCRs. Java was designed to have these features in the following manner: 1. Java uses the concept of just-in-time compilation in which Java programs are typically compiled into machine-independent byte-code, which is interpreted by the Java runtime system at program execution time. 2. Java was developed as a small subset of C++ features to keep it sim...
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