Expert system a software package that stores data

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Unformatted text preview: AM (DRAM): A type of RAM that uses an external circuitry to periodically "regenerate" or refresh the storage charge to retain the stored data. E Edit: To modify the form or format of the data by inserting or deleting characters where needed. Editor: A software used to interactively review and modify text materials and other program instructions. Education software: Software that allows computer systems to be used as a teaching and learning tool. Electrically EPROM (EEPROM): An EPROM chip in which the stored information is erased by using high voltage electric pulses. Also known as flash memory. Electronic card: A small plastic card having encoded data appropriate for the application for which it is used. An electronic-card reader, which is normally connected to a computer, is used to read the data encoded on an electronic card and transfer it to the computer for further processing. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): The use of computers and data communications to transmit data electronically between companies. Electronic Data Processing (EDP): Pertaining to data processing equipment that is predominantly electronic, such as an electronic digital computer. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): A general term referring to a cashless approach used to pay for goods and services. Electronic signals between computers are often used to adjust the accounts of the parties involved in a transaction. Electronic mail: A service on the Internet that allows an Internet user to send a mail (message) to another Internet user in any part of the world in a near-real-time manner. Popularly known as e-mail. Electronic pen: An input device that serves as an effective point-and-draw device. Electrostatic printer: A high-speed printer that uses charged pins to form character matrices on chemically treated paper. Electrothermal printer: A high-speed printer that uses heated elements to create characters as matrices of small dots on heat-sensitive paper. Elementary data item: A data item, which is not broken down into smaller units. E-Mail See electronic mail. Emulator: A program that permit...
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