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Unformatted text preview: area that has benefited a lot with the advent of multimedia. There are many multimedia applications that directly or indirectly contribute to better education mechanisms. Some of the main applications are described below. Multimedia Books Multimedia books use audio, animation and video to enrich text and still images used in printed books to provide better understanding of the subject matter covered in a book. These books also provide a very effective way of searching for specific facts in a variety of ways such as searching mechanisms for words and phrases and hypertext and hypermedia techniques. Due to these reasons, several reference books such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, telephone directories, etc. are now being published and made available on CD-ROMs, which allow users to access the information they need quickly. Many journals, magazines and product manuals are also being published in electronic form so that users can access and print only those articles/portions in which they are interested. A further extension of this idea is digital library, which is a repository of large information in digital form allowing multiple users to search and access information of their interest from it. Such a library (being virtual nature because it stores the books only in soft copy form and not physically) can remain open round the clock allowing users to access information from it at their own convenient time. Network multimedia can be used to allow users to access the library from remote locations. With this extended facility, there is no need for a user to physically come to the library for using it. This overcomes the distance and time limitations of current libraries. Better Presentation We saw that multimedia applications can present information in a variety of forms (text, graphics, animation, audio, video) involving the use of more of our senses. Hence multimedia presentation can be used to better explain a subject matter to the students because it enhances the comprehension capability of the students. It is extremely effective in getting across new ideas and concepts. More...
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