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Unformatted text preview: The result of execution of the job was then printed on the printer, which was brought by the operator to the reception counter, so that the programmer could collect it later. The same process had to be repeated for each and every job to be executed by the computer. This method of job execution was known as the manual loading mechanism because the jobs had to be manually loaded one after another by the computer operator in the computer system. Notice that in this method, job-to-job transition was n automatic. The manual transition from one job to another caused lot of computer time to be wasted since the computer remained idle while the operator loaded and unloaded jobs and prepared the system for a new job. In order to reduce this idle time of the computer, a method of automatic job-to-job transition was devised. In this method, known as batch processing, when one job is finished, the system control is automatically transferred back to the operating system which automatically performs the housekeeping jobs (such as clearing the memory remove any data remaining from the previous job) needed to load and run the next job. In case of bat processing systems, jobs were typically executed in the following manner: 1. Programmers would prepare their programs and data on card decks or paper tapes and submitted them at the reception counter of the computer centre. 2. The operator could periodically collect all the submitted programs and would batch them together and then load them all into the input device of the system at one time. 3. The operator would then give a command to the system to start executing the jobs. 4. The jobs were then automatically loaded from the input device and executed by the system one-by-one without any operator intervention. That is, the system would read the first job from the input device, execute it, print out its result on the printer, and then repeat these steps for each subsequent job till all the jobs in the submitted batch of jobs were over. 5. When all the jobs in the subm...
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