For example the coding scheme used for the qwerty

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Unformatted text preview: keys that enable rapid processing of sales transactions as well as alphanumeric input. For instance, instead of typing the name and price of a purchased item, say Veg. Pizza, the operator need only press the key labeled "Veg. Pizza" and the system automatically prints the name and price of the item from an internally stored database. This application requires a special-purpose keyboard for rapid data entry and faster operation. Similarly, an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) used in banks for financial transactions by customers needs a simple keyboard with only a few keys for the purpose. There are many such applications that may have the benefit of rapid data entry and faster operation by the use of special-purpose keyboards that are custom-designed for a special type oi application. Keyboards specially designed and used for a specific type of application are called special-purpose keyboards. Other Related Concepts Some other concepts related to keyboards are discussed below. Foreign Language Keyboards Several countries, which do not use English alphabets in their local languages, have designed special keyboards for data entry in their local languages. Some of these keyboards have a large number of keys and use a coding scheme with more bits to accommodate the large number of characters used in the language. For example, the coding scheme used for the QWERTY keyboards works with an 8-bit code, which can accommodate 2 = 25€ different characters. However, Japanese language keyboards work with a 16-bit coding scheme to accommodate all the characters used in Japanese language. Keyboard Templates We saw in the discussion above that the exact function assigned to the function keys Fl to F12 and to some of the special function keys depends on the software being used. That is, different software packages program the same keys to perform different functions. If a user uses different types of software, it becomes difficult for him/her tc remember the functions assigned to different keys for different software. Hence several software vendors distribute their software packages with keyboard templates that designate which commands are assigned to which...
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