For example the news group composos2advocacy contains

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Unformatted text preview: nclude HTML title, URL, and specific domains. 4. Infoseek ( uses a form-based approach that requires a Java script enabled browser. It assumes some knowledge of HTML to provide the description of the desired information. 5. Google ( is an interesting search engine having many unique features. It excels in producing extremely relevant results, and instead of web page summaries shows an excerpt of the text that matches the search query. For determining relevance scores of search results, it goes far beyond the number of times a keyword appears on a page and examines all aspects of the page's contents. It prioritizes the results according to how closely the individual search terms appear, and favors results that have the search terms near each other. It only produces results that match to all the search terms either in the text of the page or in the text of the links pointing to the page. 6. Inference Find ( is a meta search engine that searches six search engine: simultaneously. The search engine merges the results, removes duplicate files, and organizes the results into sections by concepts and/or by toplevel domain (educational institution, government organization, company, etc.) It retrieves the maximum number of results each search engine will allow by searching target search engines in parallel. Due to the parallel search feature, it returns the results very quickly. 7. Ixquick ( is another meta search engine that uses multiple search engines to perform the search and returns only the top-10 of the search results. It utilizes a "star" system, whereby the number of stars indicates the number of sites ranking each result in the top-ten. It offers a variety of search options including boolean, implied boolean, natural language search, truncation, case sensitivity and field search by sending a query to the search engines that support these options. It also has features for searching news, mp3 music files and pictures. USES OF THE INTERNET T...
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