For example when data flows from an io device to the

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Unformatted text preview: rted. Batch processing: The running o£, several computer programs one after another without the need of a human operator to run each program individually. Baud: A unit for measuring data transmission speed. It is used to describe the capacity of a carrier. In general usage, a baud is identical to bits per second. Beginners: All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code (BASIC) An easy-to-learn, high-level, interactive programming language that is frequently used with personal computers and in timesharing environments. Bernoulli disk: A magnetic disk-based storage medium in which a single hard disk platter is encased in a plastic cartridge. Beta testing: The use of beta version of a software by a selected set of users for identifying errors that might have been overlooked during the regular testing phase. Beta version: The version of a software that is released to a selected set of users for testing before its actual release. Binary: A characteristic or property involving a selection, choice, or condition in which there are two possibilities. Binary Coded Decimal (BCD): One of the early coding systems, which is based on the idea of converting each digit of a decimal number into its binary equivalent rather than converting the entire decimal value into a pure binary form. For example, the decimal number 42 is represented by 0100 0010 in 8-4-2-1 BCD notation. Binary number system: A number system with a base of two. It consists of two digits: 0 and 1. Biometric device: A device used for user authentication that verifies some physical characteristic of a user, such as the person's appearance, fingerprints, hand geometry, voice, or signature. Bit: Acronym for binary digit, which stands for one binary piece of information. This can be either 0 or 1. Bitmap: A method of displaying graphic images on a monitor by altering the color (or turning on or off) of individual dots (pixels) on the coordinate system. Block: A group of related items (records, characters, etc.) handled as a unit during input and output. A section of program code treated as a unit. Blocking factor: The process of grouping two or more rec...
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