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Unformatted text preview: ich is a CONTINUE statement. Inside the loop, values of N are read and added to SUM one by one. After the computer loops 10 times, reading and accumulating the sum of 10 numbers, the computer goes out of the loop and drops down to the next statement. This is the WRITE statement which prints the message: THE SUM OF GIVEN NUMBERS = followed by the computed value of SUM. The next statement, which is a STOP statement tells the computer to stop the execution of the program. Finally, the END statement tells the computer that there are no more instructions or statements in the program. The data for this program is contained in a separate file and is not shown in the program COBOL COBOL stands for COmmon Business Oriented Language. As its name implies, it was designed specifically for business data processing applications. Today it is the most widely used programming language for business-oriented applications. Business data processing applications deal with storing; retrieving, and processing corporate accounting information, and to automate such functions as inventory control, billing, and payroll. The initial work on the design of COBOL language was started in 1959 under the leadership of retired Navy Commodore and Mathematician Grace Hopper. The language specifications of COBOL were later worked out in 1959-1960 by a committee of the Conference on DAta SYstems Languages (CODASYL) as a joint effort of computer users, manufacturers, and the United States Government. After the language specifications were defined by this committee, the various manufacturers wrote the COBOL compilers for their computers. An ANSI COBOL standard was first published in 1968. Revised versions of this standard were published by ANSI in 1974 and 1985, which were known as COBOL 74 and COBOL 85. As long as these standards are followed, a COBOL program can be run on any computer system with an ANSI COBOL compiler. Visual COBOL is an object-oriented version of the language. COBOL language continues to...
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