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Unformatted text preview: c is used for producing loops in program logic when one or more instructions ma; be executed several times depending on some condition. It uses two control structures called DO...WHIL1 and REPEAT...UNTIL. Questions 1. Why is it advisable to plan the logic of a program before writing it? 2. What is an algorithm? What are the characteristics necessary for a sequence of instructions to qualify as a algorithm? 3. How do we normally judge the quality of an algorithm? 4. What are the commonly used ways to represent algorithms? Which of these can be used for solving the corresponding problem on a computer? 5. Any program is an algorithm although the reverse is not true. Discuss this statement. 6. What is a program planning tool? How is it useful? Name two commonly used program planning tools. 7. What is a flowchart? 8. How does a flowchart help a programmer in program development? 9. Can a flowchart be drawn for a task if the person drawing the flowchart does not know how to perform the task manually? Discuss. 10. What are the various basic symbols used in flowcharting? Give their pictorial representation. 11. Describe the function of the various basic flowcharting symbols. 12. Why are there standards for the symbols used in drawing flowcharts? 13. What is a record? A trailer record? 14. What is a sentinel value? Discuss its use. 15. What is a process loop? An infinite loop? 16. Why is it necessary to avoid infinite loops in program design? 17. "A loop consists of a body, a test for exit condition, and a return provision." Discuss this statement. 18. What is a generalized algorithm? Why should programs be general in nature? 19. Discuss the difference between loop control by counting and loop control by the use of sentinel value. Which is preferable and why? 20. How can a counter be used to keep track of the number of times a loop has been executed? 21. Is it possible to have more than one flowchart for a given problem? Give reasons for your answer. 22. What is the difference between a ma...
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